• Allows people to share ideas and work on projects as a cohesive team
  • Blends technology with furniture to create a intuitive collaborative environment in a connected world
  • Built in mounting system for single or dual screen set up





The TeamMate WorksZone takes its components from a number of tried and tested TeamMate designs, offering a flexible collaborative working and learning furniture solution helping participants to access and share information quickly and seamlessly. Most learning and presentation spaces are setup for teacher or presenter led delivery, where information or knowledge travels in one direction.  The WorksZone promotes the flow of ideas, where everyone has equal opportunity to collaborate and contribute. For organisations wanting to get the most out of the WorksZone, TeamMate will be able to offer custom solutions and fine tune the solution in order to accurately capture the needs of WorksZone users.  The WorksZone can be setup to accept third party hardware, single or dual display monitors, and a provision for interface/control system
panels as required, providing total flexibility for the style of use and range of applications. As with all TeamMate models, the approach to integrated technology is made easy and seamless to the user.  The secure and safe operation of the WorksZone is suited for both open and closed spaces, bringing the advantage of the conference room or seminar space out into the open.