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The reduction in public sector spending was no surprise, but it is possible to lessen the impact. So how can you meet the expectations of parents, students and staff, when the budget is simply not available? We can help you to deliver first class performance with a range of innovative, education financing solutions. Each solution is designed to enable schools to maximise the power of their available budget.


How can we help you?

We can help you to realise your full potential through tailored finance solutions such as Deferred Payment or Facility Financing solutions to help you develop the AV in your school. We pride ourselves on working with each school on a consultative basis to ensure that the solution offered is appropriate for your specific requirements


How do I arrange finance for my AV needs?


Our approach is structured to make your life easy. Here’s how you can get instant access to the technology you need:

  1. 1) Choose the equipment you want
  2. 2) Talk to us about our finance solutions
  3. 3) We’ll propose a payment schedule tailored to your needs and put the facility in place
  4. 4) Sign and return the documentation
  5. 5) Place the order and we will arrange delivery
  6. 6) You’re ready to go!



What are the main types of lease?


We can talk you through the various types of lease, and help you decide which is best for you. We can guide you through legislative and business issues. Just tell us what you need – we’re ready to help. There are various types of finance agreement in the different sectors we serve, but the three main types of lease (and their defining characteristics) are:


Operating lease


Off balance sheet funding for specialist equipment



Finance lease


Full invoice amount is financed. Customer has options to return or continue to use the equipment at the end of a lease. Appears on balance sheet, and payments are usually 100% tax allowable



Hire Purchase


Full invoice amount is financed. Customer normally owns the equipment upon final payment. Appears on balance sheet and capital allowances are claimed




What are the benefits of AV finance?


In summary, the benefits are:


  • It’s good for your budget
  • It offers an alternative source of credit
  • It gives you total flexibility
  • It offers you easy upgrade options

If you’re considering a lease, HP, rental or other finance arrangement to help your organisation acquire AV, please talk to us.