Get people talking!

Catchbox encourages everyone to join the conversation. The unique fun-factor of catching and throwing breaks down barriers and allows people to feel confident when sharing their ideas.

Meet Catchbox

Mic up the whole room

The NEW Catchbox Plus system

makes it easy to mic up the whole room

in minutes. Use the CLIP lavalier mic

for seamless moderation & pass around

the throwable CUBE mic to capture

audio from anywhere in the room.

Cube throwable mic

Give everyone a voice

Make sure everyone can be heard and all participants can contribute to the conversation. The throwable Cube mic makes it easy to 'mic the whole room' in a dynamic, enjoyable and cost-effective way.

Hub receiver

Complete Control

The Hub is a two-channel microphone receiver at the heart of the Plus system. Manage your mics through the intuitive graphical UI and use the Hub's built-in mixing capabilities to streamline your setup.

Clip lavalier mic

Take the lead

The innovative new CLIP is a compact, wearable lavalier microphone for moderation. Clip mic can be worn by a teacher or meeting leader to ensure seamless speech and powerful presentations.

Hear all participants

Master hybrid and more

Take the headache out of hybrid by enabling natural, free-flowing dialogue between all participants.  Use the CUBE throwable mic and CLIP lavalier mic in tandem so that you never miss a collaborative contribution.

The solution for your space


Ideal for a wide range of applications:

Catchbox Plus System Components

Place your brand at the heart of every conversation. Catchbox covers are fully customisable with your corporate logo & colour:

Contact us for Special Pricing, customisation options or to discuss your requirements further