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Add an extra layer of protection to your workplace...

Automatically Monitor Social Distancing & Simplify your track & trace procedure with Kramer

Flexible Mobile Touchscreen:

As class sizes are significantly reduced there is need for a Flexible mobile touchscreen solution to make the most of the space in school.

We can offer a range of touchscreen solutions that can easily be moved from space-to-space to maximise your return on investment.

The Meeting Owl by Owl Labs - from Huddle Rooms to Distance Learning...


Completely FREE COVID-19 Digital Signage

FREE digital signage resource that streams all the latest COVID-19 news updates along with important public health & safety communications. 

Visit on your screen or computer browser 

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Innovative Touchscreen Solutions

Work From Home Status Light

Manage Frustrating Interruptions while working from home.

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Partition panels - Close but Safe

This range of partition panels guarantees a comfortable and safe environment for offices and businesses. Featuring free-standing, desk mounted and ceiling mounted options. Manufactured in plexi-glass or sound-absorbing polyester fibre, these protective panels allow you to fulfil working needs while respecting the provisions of law on social distancing.

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Contactless Control Systems

For those who do not want to share a touch panel surface with others. Simply BYOD, scan the QR code on the screen and the control screen transfers to the device, allowing control of the system on the individuals own tablet rather than using the touch panel.

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