Catchbox Plus Throwable Microphone Bundles (Inc Wireless Charger)

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A complete wireless microphone system with increased coverage & rechargeable Li-ion battery for both large & small events. Standard Colours: Yellow, Blue, Red, White & Dark Grey. Catchbox logo shown on 2 sides.

Catchbox Plus is a wireless microphone system featuring the Catchbox throwable microphone and Presenter Mic, for use in meetings, lectures and events with up to 1000 participants. The throwable mic features Automute™ and is powered by the optional Wireless Charger. Capture and record audio from two mics simultaneously via analog (balanced + unbalanced) and digital (USB) audio signals. Catchbox Plus operates in the 1.8/1.9 GHz licence-free (DECT) radio band.

Audience size:
up to 1000
Range: up to 100m / 328ft
Battery life: 14 hours
Frequency: DECT / DECT 6.0 / J-DECT (1.7-1.9 GHz depending on region)
Max Systems in one space: Up to 8

Type Throwable

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