The expansion mic connects with the Meeting Owl 3 to extend its audio pick-up range by 2.5 metres, so everyone seated at longer tables can be heard clearly.

Extended Audio: One Meeting Owl 3 plus the Expansion Mic

Audio Range: 8 m Video Range: 3 m

● Ensure that the Meeting Owl 3 hears voices that are quieter or further away by extending the audio pick-up range from 18ft to 26ft in the direction of the mic.

● Keep the conversation flowing easily for participants further from the Meeting Owl 3 by putting a mute button at their fingertips.

● Designed to work exclusively with the Meeting Owl 3 for optimal performance and complementary design. Not compatible with Meeting Owl Pro or Original.

● Connects to the Meeting Owl 3 using a micro-HDMI to micro-HDMI cable.

● Includes mounting bracket with adhesive strips and screws for more confident and secure installation.