“There has been a huge rise in Esports around the globe and it is currently seen as the biggest growth section within education.” - Pearson

In today’s digital age, Esports has transformed from a simple leisure activity to a pivotal sector within education. To help meet the demand, we have teamed up with TOP-TEC who offer a top-tier range of gaming solutions, designed to provide a complete and immersive Esports experience.

“55% of 13 to 18 year olds  in the UK believe gaming is a viable career path and want schools to add it to the curriculum.”

TOP-TEC have a range of Esports solutions made to match your unique requirements including the NEBULA Esports Booth and Station and the WARRIOR Esports Cluster gaming workstations. Each of these gaming workstations can integrate your chosen gaming equipment and are tailored to ensure that your students receive the best experience possible. These versatile, fit-for purpose and comfortable immersive gaming desks are also designed to cater to your specific IT needs by providing fully customisable options.

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