Remote Working Solutions

Establishments up & down the country are now faced with their staff working remotely.  Let us help you & your workforce continue with business as usual!

Full range of Remote Working Solutions available including:



Catchbox - Perfect for Video Collaboration

Product Focus - Conference Cam solutions

Huddly GO

Small camera. Big Experience.

  • - 150 degree wide angle lens
  • - USB Powered
  • - Platform-agnostic
  • - Software-upgradable

The essential conference camera

Huddly GO is a compact, wide-angle, software-enhanced conference camera that gives you an outstanding experience, straight out of the box.

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Huddly IQ

Like a camera. Only smarter.

  • All the same great features as the "GO" camera, plus:

  • - Genius Framing
  • - Room Analytics
  • - Microphone array

The AI-powered conference camera

The award-winning Huddly IQ delivers a video meeting experience like no other, with 150° wide-angle video, an embedded 5-element microphone array, and groundbreaking AI capabilities.

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Huddly Conference Cameras are a flexible solution, ideal for:

All our Remote Working solutions are compatible and suitable for use with all major video conferencing platforms:

Hoylu Inspiration Suite - Perfect for remote Collaboration

The Hoylu Inspiration Suite of software is perfect for creative and productive teamwork. The software runs on many different surfaces including touchscreens, projected walls, personal devices and even digital paper. The Hoylu Inspiration Suite enables team brainstorming, process planning, project ideation & markup and rich group collaboration faster and better than ever before. The intuitive and user-friendly interface is easy to master, requiring no previous technical knowledge to start working together.

All Hoylu applications provide powerful remote collaboration capabilities, allowing you to work alone or in real-time with other colleagues around the world. Your Hoylu-powered workspace is also available locally or online, allowing you the ability to create an infinite workspace that can be opened and updated at any time from any location. The Hoylu Inspiration Suite also provides capabilities for third-party applications, enabling you to use the products you know and love within the digital workspace.


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