Owl Labs Meeting Owl 4+ Conference Camera

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The Meeting Owl 4+ takes your meeting experience to the next level with its impressive 360°, 4K smart camera, microphone, and speaker. With features like auto speaker focus, smart zoom, and noise equalisation, every participant is presented sharply and vividly, bridging the distance between teams and making collaboration effortless...

The flexible, plug-and-play Meeting Owl 4+ is enterprise-ready and takes less than six minutes to set up. Features include:

  • Upgraded video quality: The 64-megapixel camera and sensor streams 4K Ultra HD video within a 10-foot radius.

  • Wide-range audio: Powerful, 360-degree speakers and smart mics have an 18-foot pickup radius. Extend the audio range even farther with the new matching, charcoal Expansion Mic.

  • Easy enterprise fleet management: IT administrators can seamlessly manage their fleet of Owl Labs devices from The Nest management tool, including bulk registration, default settings, and more.

The upgraded OIS software includes:

  • Silent Switching: When devices are paired, the technology detects where people are facing even when they’re not speaking, then seamlessly switches to the correct camera with the best view.

  • Quick and easy setup: Pair devices quickly, effortlessly and efficiently.

  • Platform-agnostic: Compatible with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, Slack, and other video conferencing platforms.

  • Improved Front + Centre Experience: Front + Centre experience upgrades introduce more accurate intelligent camera switching whether a participant is actively speaking or silently contributing to ensure the best angle is captured at all times.

    Output Resolution: 4K Ultra UHD Resolution, Field of View: 360°

    Video Pickup Radius: 10’ (3m)


    8 omni-directional beamforming Smart Mics, Audio Pickup Radius: 5.5m  


    2 speakers for 360° coverage and clear in-room sound

    Speaker Output Level: 79 db SPL


    Plug and Play connection to host computer via USB-C

    Option to connect to the Expansion Mic via micro-HDMI


    Plug and play connection to host computer via USB-C

    Works with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Slack, Webex and virtually all web-based video conferencing platforms


    Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 8250 processor


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